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our lady of med3Calling all Magnificat Sisters!!

It takes a village to put on a Magnificat Breakfast.  The breakfast only occurs four times a year, so the time spent is small when spread among many helping hands.  Besides that,  it’s an uplifting event and you will meet other kindred spirits!  But most all, being a volunteer means working for Our Lady, Queen of  Magnificat, Queen of  the Universe, Mother of God, and our  Mother.  Wow!  Just think about that  for a moment!  This is simply the best job you will ever have.  Please prayerfully consider how you can use your talents for this very special ministry.  We would love to have you join us! 

Hostesses:  This is really the “Hospitality” ministry.  The role of a  “Hostess” is to warmly welcome the attendees at her table.  The breakfast may be the first ever Magnificat event for some guests and the Hostess will become the face of Magnificat to these women.  By greeting our guests with cheerfulness and a heartfelt smile, it is our prayer that they will feel at home and be open to receive a word from God through the Magnificat ministry.  By providing the meal, fellowship, and an inspirational speaker, we hope to fulfil both the spiritual and physical needs of our members and newcomers.  Hostesses may also answer questions about Magnificat if there are guests at the table who are interested in learning more about the ministry.  If you feel called to serve others, there is much joy and fulfillment to be found in this ministry.  For more information please email Mary:   hostesses@magnificatbuffalo.org

Photographer:  Looking for a volunteer to shoot high quality pictures at the Magnificat Breakfast.  These photos might be used for publicity or placed on the website,  so they need to be well-framed,  high resolution pics in digital format.  For more information please email Lizzie: photographers@magnificatbuffalo.org

Publicity Chairwoman:  Plans and executes the publicity plan for the four yearly Magnificat Breakfasts and special events. This involves writing articles, press releases and advertising copy as well as creating flyers, brochures and other marketing materials as needed to support Magnificat’s events.  Coordinates with local Catholic radio, the Diocese of Buffalo, local parishes and newspapers.  Should have good writing and digital design skills.   For more information, please email Lizzie:  serviceteam@magnificatbuffalo.org


“Service is the sign of true love…”  Pope Francis  July 6, 2015


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