Objectives of Magnificat

We, the women of Magnificat, each being a beautiful work of God in progress …

ASPIRE to grow in holiness through daily personal prayer

Magnificat Sisters at EWTN
Magnificat Sisters at EWTN

PLEDGE special time for the honor and love of God the Father

COMMIT to Jesus Christ as Lord

SEEK the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and openness to His gifts

PARTICIPATE frequently in the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation

NURTURE a love for and loyalty to the Catholic Church, as expressed through her teaching authority, the pope, and the bishops in communion with him

SERVE the needs of the Church and the world as best we can in each of our own personal circumstances

FOSTER  a deep love and devotion to Mary, our mother and model for Christian living

ENCOURAGE an appreciation of the vocation of christian women

CHAMPION a reverence for the sanctity of life

IMMERSE  ourselves in the works of intercessory prayer

PROMOTE unity within the church and the world



“Every day we must take up our cross and follow Him …..We do not simply convert and we are saved once and for all.  We must change our lives, as St. Paul did, and follow Christ daily.”  Scott Hahn  Scripture Scholar, Sept 29,2008





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