Since 2002, many have taken up the challenge of St John Paul II to bravely cross the threshold of the internet.  In the intervening years since then,  the internet has grown exponentially and so have the number of sites that spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.  A few of our favorite links are described below.  If you like a site, please share it with others.  You can also make comments at the end of this. page.

our-lady-of-the-wayAll About Mary The International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton in Ohio is a center of research and study on the role of Mary in Christian life.  If you want to learn more about Mary, visit this beautiful site.

Basilica of the National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception  If you have never been to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, consider adding it to your bucket lImmaculate conceptionist of things to do.  This Shrine is the largest American Church in the United States and one of the top 10 largest churches in the World.  The United States Conference of Bishops has designated it a National Sanctuary for Pilgrimage and Worship and it is the premiere Shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the United States.   The Basilica is immense and there are many beautiful chapels, original artwork, and statuary to be viewed.  Six Masses are held daily; there are five hours of Confessions, Guided Tours, a Catholic Gift Shop, Book Store and Cafeteria  all available to accommodate the large number of pilgrims that visit the shrine daily.  The Shrine is also known for providing frequent venues for concerts, choirs and other sacred music.  Take a guided tour on the website to get a preview of this magnificent shrine to The Immaculate Conception.

Catholic Answers  Do you have questions about your Catholic Faith?  Catholic Answers is staffed with knowledgeable theologians and apologists ready to answer your questions about faith, morals and why we believe what we believe.

Catholic charismaticCatholic Charismatic Renewal  Your primary source for up-to-date information and events for the Charismatic Renewal.  Join in the preparations for the 50th Jubilee Anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal in 2017.

Catholic Exchange  Publishes the finest articles pertaining to the lives of the saints, catholic devotions, and helpful tools for spiritual growth. In their words…”we seek to make saints in our own time — especially among those who live busy lives but still seek to grow in friendship with Christ.”.

Catholic Journal US  Thoughtful articles on faith and culture. Interesting Catholic site that brings together the latest news of interest to Catholics, Daily Liturgies, Family Issues, Lifestyle and more. Faithful to the magisterium.

Catholic Moms Connect  A ministry designed for moms by moms to support and affirm women in their multiple roles in life as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends.  Share the bonds of your vocation, your Catholic faith, your joys, blessings, and struggles with those who understand.  Free child care is available.  Also available are MOMS Playgroup, Evening MOMS and  MOMS Book Club.  Listen to the testimony of other MOMS online.  This is an uplifting group that will encourage and sustain you.

Catholic News Service  The mission of the Catholic News Service is the mission of the Church itself – to spread the gospel through contemporary means of communication.  Here you will find the latest news on what is happening in the Church, both in the U.S. and around the world.

Catholic Spiritual Direction Dan Burke of EWTN has brought together a team of experienced spiritual directors, spiritual teaches and others involved in understanding and communicating what we believe as Catholics and how to live life in the truth of the Catholic Faith.  Faithful to the Magisterium.   Outstanding site.

holy rosaryCome Pray the Rosary   Pray the rosary individually or pray the perpetual rosary together with Catholics worldwide.  Choose between Church or Holy Land Views.  Listen to the peaceful music and be inspired to pray.  Padre Pio said The rosary is the prayer of the Madonna, the one that triumphs on everything and everybody.”  To his spiritual children he said:  “Love Our Lady and make her loved.  Always recite the Rosary.” 

steven d greydanusDecent Films Guide   Steven D. Greydanus, a Catholic film critic for The National Catholic Register and Catholic Digest, created this site. He describes it as  “a site of film appreciation, information and criticism informed by Christian faith.”   Mr. Greyhanus  is currently earning an MA in Theology from Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall University and is working toward the permanent diaconate in his diocese.  The Decent Films Guide is a trusted source for information on the suitability of movies for the whole Christian family.


Disciples of Divine Mercy in the Holy Face of Jesus, Buffalo, NY  Under the Direction of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, this ministry helps parishes around the country establish their own ministries to pray with the sick and dying.  Organizes Divine Mercy Conferences in Buffalo and private retreats and days of recollection in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and Buffalo, NY.   Offers special prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

DiscoverMass  Find Masses anywhere in the world. This ministry maintains a comprehensive database of Catholic Churches Mass times worldwide.

diocese of buffalo logoDiocese of Buffalo  This well-developed site contains all there is to know about the eight county Diocese of Buffalo.  Discover the rich life of the church around the diocese as well as international church news and commentary.  You will also find the award winning WNY Catholic Magazine on this site.

suffering jesusDivine Mercy Chaplet Online  Karen Pac has put together a Divine Mercy Chaplet that is a great help in contemplating the immeasurable love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ as he suffered unimaginable torture and rejection at the hands of his people.

sacred heart 4Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus   Jesus told St. Margaret Mary that He ” will bless the home in which the image of my Sacred Heart shall be exposed and honored.”  When we enthrone (display) the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a prominent place, consecrate the home and its members to Jesus, we make him King of the home and the family.  In a very special way, Jesus protects the family and home where he is enthroned.

Eternal Word Television Network  EWTN Global Catholic Network airs family and religious programming from a Catholic point of view. There are inspiring talk shows, entertaining children’s animation, teaching series, live coverage of church events and thought provoking documentaries.  EWTN also has a significant multimedia collection that can be downloaded and used at your own convenience.

blessed sac1Eucharistic Adoration Locations in North America  Find churches and chapels across the United States and Canada that offer Eucharistic Adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

fr jonathan morrisFather Jonathan Morris Father Morris is currently program director for SiriusX’s “The Catholic Channel, ” analyst for the Fox News Channel, and serves in the campus ministry at Columbia University.  He is an accomplished author and popular speaker who is able to explain issues in a practical way that is faithful to the magisterium.

Foundation of Prayer for Priests  Eucharistic and Marian apostolate of intercessory prayer and catechesis to obtain graces for the sanctification of priests and foster vocations to the priesthood.  Invites all Catholics to join them in this global mission of prayer and sacrifice for Priests.  Learn about spiritual motherhood. You can adopt a priest to pray for on this website.

Free Catholic Courses  Would you like to learn more about your faith?  The Vincentian Community and the Missouri Knights of Columbus offer a variety of courses that are faithful to the teachings of the church.  When you request a class, you will be sent a textbook and workbook with study questions.  After completing a section of the book, you can mail or email your study questions to the Vincentians for review.  They will answer any questions you might have at that time.

fr mac

Fr. Richard MacAlear OMI -Ministry of Hope and Healing  Visit this website for more information about Fr. Mac’s Healing Ministry and travel schedule.  Fr. Mac is a familiar face in WNY and St Lukes Mission of Mercy where he has ministers to those in need of physical or spiritual healing.   You will also find inspirational CD’s and videos from Fr. MacAlear’s Retreats and Healing Masses available for purchase.

Holy Face of Jesus Devotion  This site is maintained by the Discalced Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Face of Jesus in Hague, North Dakota.  You will find a complete history of the devotion, prayers and chaplets and the 12 promises Jesus made to those who promote devotion to his Holy Face.  Jesus says that “by offering My Face to My Eternal Father, nothing will be refused..”

Holy Souls Sodality  Praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory is a pillar of the charism of the Association of Marian Helpers Fathers who maintain this site.  Find information about the Holy Souls in purgatory and books, prayercards and other devotional materials.

Indulgences  Do you know that Indulgences can take away all or some of the suffering due to sin in this world as well as the next?  You are also able to apply some indulgences to your relatives and friends in purgatory.  It is likely that there are many works that you are already doing that are indulgenced, but without the intention, you are not receiving the actual grace of the indulgence.  Find out more about the wonderful grace of indulgences here.

Infallible Catholic  Very interesting Site.  Contains much information on the supernatural gifts and miracles of the Saints and Mary.  Good coverage othe life and miracles of Padre Pio,  the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Eucharistic Miracles and more.

jimmy aikenJimmy Aiken  Catholic apologist and blogger extraordinaire.  Jimmy can explain the faith like no one else.  Interesting site with a wealth of information and thoughtful commentary.

Mass  Sponsored by the  Passionists of St Paul of the Cross in NYC, this site is a ‘TV Parish” dedicated to bringing the Mass to the homebound and infirm.  Sunday Mass is available nationwide on TV via the ABC Family Channel and Worldwide on the internet.

National Catholic Register  Owned and operated by EWTN, the National Catholic Register is faithful to the magisterium of the church.  Features articles on current events, the pope, the culture of life,  education, entertainment and travel for Catholics.

national shrine of divine mercyNational Shrine of Divine Mercy  The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy is a ministry of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  The web site has extensive information about the Divine Mercy Devotion as given to St Maria Faustina.

New Advent   Fabulous Catholic site with a daily collection of links from all over the internet.  If you are interested in staying in step with what is going on in and outside of  the Catholic Church, this site should be in your top 10 list.  Also contains writings of the Church Fathers, Catholic Bible, Catholic Encyclopedia, and much much more.

New American Bible Online  Searchable Catholic Bible from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s website.

News.VA The official Vatican News Service.  News from the perspective of Rome. In-depth coverage of Papal travels and activities of the Roman Curia. If you don’t have a “twitter” account, you can go to this site to read the latest “tweets” from Pope Francis.

Online Catechism of the Catholic Church  Approved by St John Paul II in 1997,  this catechism contains a complete exposition of catholic doctrine and is an important work for anyone who wants to know what the church professes.

Opus Sanctorum Angelorum
  The “Work of the Holy Angels” is a movement characterized by devotions to the Holy Angels who in service to God, work for the sanctification and salvation of souls.  The church has given her blessing to this holy_guardian_angelmovement, honoring these mysterious and powerful messengers from God, who not only see the Face of God, but are sent by God to guide and protect us.  This is an uplifting, informative and prayerful site that will help you to cultivate a better understanding and relationship with the angels.

Papal Encyclicals  Documents from 32AD to present times…..

Prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory  Wonderful site with prayers and  information that we have acquired from the Saints on Purgatory and why it is important for us to pray for the Holy Souls.

fr frank pavonePriests for Life  Under the directorship of Fr. Frank Pavone,  Priests for Life, provides assistance and information to anyone interested in protecting life.  While abortion is the primary focus, you will also find information on euthanasia, capital punishment, and contraception.  Priests for life has a variety of ministries and programs all focused on the sanctity of life..

Real Presence Eucharistic and Adoration Association  Provides online internet sites for the Eucharistic Adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.  Also provides prayers and meditations to be said in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  A rich source of history and information regarding the Real Presence.

Relevant Radio  Talk radio for Catholic life. Award-winning hosts and 80 hours of original programming each week.  Faithful to the Magisterium.  Uplifting and informative.

Sacred Spaces   The Jesuits of Ireland welcome invite you to make a ‘Sacred Space’ in your day, praying, as you visit their website, with the help of scripture chosen every day.  Let Sacred Space become your time-out for prayer  and a peaceful refuge during the busy work day.  ONLINE perpetual adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.   This site brings the LIVE image of Jesus in the Eucharist into your home, workplace or wherever you have internet access.  Know that Jesus has no limitations in time and space.   Also, the site promises that prayer “petitions submitted to will be entrusted to the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and placed at the foot of our Lord in their chapel, where the Sisters spend much of their lives before the Most Blessed Sacrament in prayer and adoration.”


StationLogoStation of the Cross  A Catholic radio network in WNY that presents both EWTN and local Catholic programming.  ” Calling All Catholics” is a popular show with local priests from the Diocese of Buffalo as moderators, taking calls from listeners and answering questions on anything Catholic.

Sr. Briege MckennaSt. Clare Sisters Retreat Ministry  Do you believe in miracles?  Sister Briege McKenna does.  It has been over 35 years since she was healed of crippling arthritis and given the gift of healing,  Sister Briege has ministered hope and healing to countless people all over the world.   Submit your prayer requests on this website and find out when Sister Briege will be in your area.

st lukes mission of mercy2St Lukes Mission of Mercy  Located among the poor in Buffalo, NY,  St Lukes Mission puts into action the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  They provide food, clothing, shelter and other basic requirements to those in need.  Free meals are provided daily.  Masses are held on Sunday and other days and are open to the public –check with the mission first.  Volunteers of all ages are warmly welcomed into the St Luke’s Family to support the many activities undertaken by the mission.

Stopp STOPP International has put together a plan for defeating Planned Parenthood that has been used successfully in hundreds of communities around the world. You can read that plan, and immediately know what you should do, by going to Plan for Defeating Planned Parenthood.

The Bible Gateway  Searchable online Bible.  Select from many different bible versions including Catholic Editions.  Learn the bible online.  Free apps are available to add audio capability to hear the bible on your Kindle, IPad, iPhone or Android device.

The Bible Page  The is a Catholic Bible page with daily readings and reflections.  Recommendations on Bible Study resources and .a digital Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Bible (RSVCE).

The Catholic Treasury   Do you have old or broken sacramental, prayer books, rosaries or statues that you would be willing to give to the less fortunate?  This site collects everything Catholic and repairs and recycles them for the missions.

DeaconGregKandraThe Deacon’s Bench  Deacon Greg Kandra of the Diocese of Brooklyn, NY has far too many Journalism Awards and Credits to list here.  Suffice it to say that he is a master of multimedia.  His byline on the website says ” where Deacon Greg Kandra ponders the world.”   And “ponder,” he does with a flourish, blending news and commentary into an engaging blog of current events.

The Miracle Hunter  Take time for a visit the Internet’s top Catholic resource for Miracles. This site maintains information on all marian apparitions and their approval status within the church.  Detailed information about the messages. Goes back to the second century. Information on controversial apparitions such as  Medjugorie and Lipa.  The Miracle Hunter can also be heard on Radio Maria,Tuesdays at 5pm.

The Rosary Confraternity Enroll in the Rosary Confraternity to obtain the full graces associated with saying the Rosary.

Top Catholic Bloggers  Top Catholic Blogs is an aggregator site design to have Catholic blogs of all types displayed so that the reader can sample individual posts from a variety of Catholic bloggers.

Dr Paul2The SaintCast Dr. Paul Camarata is the producer of The SaintCast, a lighthearted, upbeat  podcast about the Saints.  Dr Paul shares his love of the Saints through profiles, interviews and special “soundseeing” (audio only) tours.  The SaintCast takes you all over the world to the places the Saints called home.  From St Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, to the Catacombs of Rome, to Father Damian and the Leper Colony of Molokai, Hawaii follow in the footsteps of Dr Paul as he explores the life and times of the Saints.   These are delightful tours for anyone, but especially for people with low vision or anyone needing audio only media.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Comprehensive site containing all the initiatives of the Catholic Church in the United States with information and catholic position on issues, Catholic Teachings, and Events.pope francis

Vatican  Everything to know about the Holy See.  Contains the papal encyclicals, Press releases, travel information for Pope Francis, the Vatican Museum, Tour information and much more!

Vatican II Documents Includes documents from 1962 to 1965.

Jeanette BankovichWomen of Grace A Catholic apostolate whose mission is to transform the world one woman at a time.  Focuses on the dignity of women and their vocation as daughters of God.  Sponsors many outreach programs that serve to instruct, educate and mentor women so that they can become active Catholic leaders within the sphere in which they live out their lives.  The potential of women is emphasized, with the Blessed Mother being the exemplar of all women.

Women on Faith and Family   Aids Catholic women in understanding their Catholic faith on issues relating to the family.  Provides opportunities for guidance and information;  ever faithful to the magisterium. Publish the magazine “Voices” which contains articles of interest to the Catholic woman.

Women Speak for Themselves   Today, people are bombarded with all kinds of media messages about the rights of women and what women want. Often, these messages are contrary to our beliefs as Christian women, but there is no one presenting our view.  The “Women Speak for Themselves” organization is focused on changing that by mentoring women and teaching them how to give their testimony.  When women of faith can stand up, tell the real stories of their lives, and speak out against the ridiculous messages about women and religion, the truth will overcome the deception.

fr robert barronWord on Fire  Bishop Robert Barron has published numerous books, videos and articles on the Catholic Faith.  His website,  WORD ON FIRE  has reached over 3.8 million people and is growing.  If you love your Catholic faith, this is a site you must visit.  Using multimedia and blog posts, Bishop Barron addresses many topics and current events blending history, art, culture and music to bring the Catholic faith alive.

Zenit  Consider this your Catholic daily newspaper on the internet. News with a catholic perspective.

40 Days for Life  the largest internationally coordinated pro-life mobilization in history, helping people in local communities end the injustice of abortion through prayer and fasting, community outreach and peaceful vigil outside of abortion clinics.































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