Homily of the Week: 24th Sunday Ordinary Time


father Gene - CopyDate: Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jesus and “the “12” are walking through Galilee and Jesus is explaining what “Messiah” means. Jesus understands the title contrary to popular opinion. For many, the future Messiah is one who will wield power like a King. For Jesus, the messiah is like the “just one” in the Book of Wisdom who suffers to do God’s will as a servant. When they arrive in Capernaum, Jesus asks his apostles what they were arguing about along the way. They remain silent for they were debating who would be the greatest. Jesus says whoever wishes to follow him must be a servant and not Lord it over others. He sets a child in their midst and says whoever welcomes this child welcomes me and whoever receives me actually receives the One who sent me. The One who sends Jesus into the world is God the Father. The words of Jesus receiving a child are applicable today in light of the refugee crisis facing Europe. Pope Francis has asked Catholic parishes throughout the European Union to take in a refugee family. Undoubtedly, this massive influx of people fleeing conflict must be dealt with in a more united, coordinated and organized manner. There are issues of safety and security. National resources and resolve are being overwhelmed. But the response must be with compassion and respect for the human person. The world community cannot let Europe stand alone. Our Church through Catholic Charities and Caritas is deeply involved in lessening the suffering, helping to settle people and working closely with governments to coordinate the relief effort. We cannot come to Eucharist without being in solidarity with these people who have been forced from their homes by war. When we receive them we receive Christ.

–Fr. Eugene Ulrich:  Pastor of the Church of the Annunciation, Elma, New York and Spiritual Advisor for Magnificat Buffalo


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