Consecration to Jesus and Mary

Sacred and Merciful Heart of Jesus, we give and consecrate ourselves and Magnificat Ministry to YOU, this day forever.

sacredjeart1We wish to spend our lives in loving ministry to You and in loving ministry of Your infinite love and mercy to our sisters and to all whom you send us.

We wish to live like Mary, our Mother, proclaiming the greatness of the Lord and rejoicing in God, our Saviour, announcing Your mercy to those who fear You in every generation.

Abide in us, Jesus, and let us abide in You that we might bear abundant fruit a multitude of souls, starting with our own to satisfy Your thirst.

Fill us anew with Your Holy Spirit, Jesus, so that we don’t simply have the Spirit, but the Spirit has us, totally and completely.

Guide us, Jesus, by your Spirit, moment by moment, that we do not labor all night and catch nothing but under your direction we may bring in a miraculous catch of souls.

As an outward sign of our consecration and surrender to your Merciful Heart, Lord Jesus, we this day enthrone the Divine Image of Mercy in our hearts.  Let the rays of Your Mercy penetrate and permeate us and all we meet.

mary93Jesus we trust in You!

Mary, Mother of Mercy, we entrust and consecrate to your Immaculate Heart ourselves, Magnificat, and all our sisters and brothers whom we have ministered to and will minister to especially our brother priests.

Keep us always in your heart and under your mantle.

Lead us ever more deeply into the Heart of Your Son and obtain from Him, we pray, an ever greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the salvation and sanctification of souls for the greater glory of God, our Father.


Rev. Harold F. Cohen S.J.


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