Magnificat presents a morning of prayer, testimony, and praise!


                                                                     GUEST SPEAKER
 Fr. Joseph Bayne OFM

PLACE:  Millennium Hotel – 2040 Walden Ave, Cheektowaga, NY

DATE:  December 9, 2017

TIME:    Registration opens at 9:30 am 

                  Breakfast from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm



Since 1990, Fr. Joseph Bayne has served as the executive director of The Franciscan Center in Buffalo providing housing, education and mentoring to homeless young men (age 16 – 20).  The Center employs holistic techniques designed to integrate body, mind, and spirit to ready each young man to ultimately transition back to family life or independent living. This “Independent Living Skills Program” can turn young lives around by providing the tools and skill sets needed by each individual to learn to function appropriately in society and set the goals needed to succeed in life!  More recently, in the face of widespread opioid addiction, the Center has been reaching out to families, parents, and schools to provide outreach, counseling, and referrals in crisis situations. In addition to his duties as Director of the Franciscan Center,  Father Joe also serves as a Chaplain to the Buffalo Fire Department, the Town of Hamburg Police Department and Erie County Emergency services.

We encourage you to take a break from the busy holiday season and join us for breakfast on December 9th.  Fr. Joe will share valuable insights from Franciscan Center’s  outreach programs that may have application in your own life or that of your family.  He will talk about the Independent Living Skills Program as well as his ministries to those who serve and protect others.  Most importantly, Fr. Joe’s life and experiences will showcase how incredibly important it is to be present to those in your life.

So give yourself an early Christmas present!   Come, join us, your sisters in Christ for a lovely breakfast with a dynamic Priest of God and be uplifted!  Confessions and Healing Prayer will be available right after the breakfast.


If you have never attended a Magnificat breakfast before, you have been missing a Spirit-filled opportunity for grace and fellowship!  You don’t need to be a member of Magnificat to attend our event.  All women are welcome!

PREPAID Registration only

$15 with postmark before 12/2/17
  $20 with postmark 12/2/17 or later













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